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Agent Services

Our agent partners market Peak Dealer Services products and services to dealers all around the country. We provide them with a wide array of products and services to meet their customers’ needs. We continue to partner with best-in-class service administrators and providers so that our F&I products meet and exceed the needs of our clients in the automotive, RV, Powersports, marine, and commercial trucking markets. It’s imperative for us to maintain the highest quality products our superior agents can offer their dealer clients.

Become a Peak Dealer Services Agent Partner

Are you interested in making yourself more valuable to dealers by partnering with one of the fastest growing F&I Agencies in the industry by offering Best in Class Products and Services and creating high-profit opportunities? If you are an automotive agent or professional looking to partner with Peak Dealer Services and make an impact in your market, fill out the form below to learn how Peak Dealer Services' expertise can help you and your dealers maximize vehicle profitability and protect CSI.

Agent Services

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Dealer Services

As a vehicle dealer, you understand that one of the most reliable ways to grow your business is through providing quality products and satisfying service to your customers.

Peak Dealer Services is one of the most innovative and fastest-growing agencies in the automotive industry. With our consultative approach, we can match our dealers’ unique business situations, models and goals with the right program that provides maximum reward.

We provide quality F&I products, including:

  • Vehicle service contracts
  • Extended lease wear & tear
  • Lifetime powertrain
  • GAP protection
  • Appearance protection
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Dent & ding protection
  • Theft protection
  • Tire & wheel protection
  • Key replacement
  • Pre-paid maintenance

Better Coverage, Faster Claims Service

Our dealers sell service contracts through first-class administration and superior claims services.

Timely claims service is one of the most common challenges to great customer service. It’s one of our key measures with our providers is to execute excellent customer service.

Profit Programs Built to Drive Results

Peak Dealer Services offers a full breadth of profit programs for dealers to get the most out of their F&I sales. With our consultative approach, we can match our dealers’ unique business situations and goals with the right program that provides maximum reward.

We have extensive experience managing profit participation programs, including:

  • Producer owned reinsurance company
  • Producer retro program
  • Dealership monthly/quarterly bonus program

Retrospective Programs (Retro)

When loss ratios are correctly managed, retro programs can help maximize income and cash flow for our dealer partners.

Controlled Foreign Corporations

Also known as a producer-owned reinsurance company, this position can maximize earnings and defer income while offering flexibility and control.

Other Products and Services (Non-F&I Related)

  • Business funding
  • Dealer advances
  • Inventory sourcing
  • Marketing plans
  • Consumer 2nd. Chance program

Contact us for more details on any of our programs.

When you become a dealer partner of Peak Dealer Services, you become a member of our team. We work hard every day to deliver the products and services that your customers value. We deliver customer service that operates simply and effectively for them and profitably for you.

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Lender Services

Protect Your Portfolio with a Best-in-class Service Contract Program With the expertise to deliver best-in-class vehicle service contract programs, Peak Dealer Services helps lenders protect their portfolios by helping customers avoid costly out-of-pocket repair bills that can lead to late or missed payments. When major repairs derail a customer’s monthly budget, it limits their ability to make timely payments. Peak Dealer Services' experience with automotive lender partners helps you build a customized program designed to avoid costly defaults and repossessions.

Quality Coverage

A customized Peak Dealer Services service contract program offers an extra layer of defense against delinquency. A quality protection plan helps your customers keep money for costly repairs in their pockets so they don’t default or fall behind on payments.

Automotive Expertise

With over 30 years of our provider's combined partnership experience administering claims for vehicles of all ages and conditions, we have a strong knowledge of what cars will break down, when, and why. In the event of a breakdown, count on a company that continuously pays claims to get your customers back on the road quickly.

Increased Control

Peak Dealer Services puts the power in your hands by providing a vehicle service contract program that fits the needs of your customers and your business. You don’t have to rely on dealers’ vehicle service contract providers to protect your portfolio. For our lender partners, we can customize a program that fits your business model while allowing your loans to perform well and your customers to have a positive post-buying experience.

Become a Peak Dealer Services Lender Partner

Are you interested in protecting your portfolio, strengthening dealer relationships, and generating new incremental revenue? If you are an automotive lender looking to protect customers from falling behind on payments or defaulting on their loans, fill out the form below to learn how Peak Dealer Services customized service contract offerings can help.

Lender Services

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A Trusted Partner for Professional Automotive Solutions

"Unleash the Potential of Your Service and F&I Department with Unmatched Products and Services."

Peak Dealer Services is your concierge provider of bespoke products and services designed to elevate your dealership's success. We understand the challenges you face in the competitive Auto, Powersports, RV, Marine, and Commercial Trucking Markets. Our commitment is to professionalism, expertise, and delivering results that drive huge profits, increased customer satisfaction, and repeat business, all while simplifying your F&I process.

Why Choose Us

At Peak Dealer Services, our core philosophy revolves around granting dealers the freedom to make informed decisions about the products they offer and how they handle claims. We achieve this by crafting customized, wealth-building purchase and protection products previously exclusive to administrators and the largest franchise dealer groups. We bring these offerings to all dealerships and provide comprehensive training to maximize profits and create a satisfied customer base that not only returns for future purchases but also becomes your advocate.